Features & Benefits

  • Eliminate defects, improve and maintain your productivity by ensuring Mould & Neck Ring equipment is checked at regular intervals. Vary cost effective

Mould Holder and Inserts Inspection Fixtures

  • Early identification of Mould Holders & Inserts problems.
  • Eliminate defects such as heavy seems or cross joints.
  • Check inserts wear, bore diameter, misalignment & Mould arm height etc.

Neck Ring Arm Checking Fixtures

  • Check for bore wear, the groove width distortion, foot flatness & centre error.
  • Simple to use & very cost effective

Baffle Arm, Blow Head Arm and Funnel Arm inspection fixtures to check main co-ordinates holes position and alignment for trouble free performance on the I.S. Machine.

Plunger alignment fixtures.

  • We can design and develop any type of inspection fixtures as per customer specification for any type of I.S. Machine.

Nirmal Glasstech Industries-Jaipur-India